XLDent acquires DentalMate

Posted December 13, 2019 by Pam W.

Loretto, MN – December 2019 – Valsoft Corporation, parent company of XLDent, a leader in the dental practice management software market, is pleased to announce the acquisition of DentalMate, an established provider of practice management software maintained by MDC Systems and Services, Inc since 2003.

DentalMate has supported its loyal customers across the United States for decades.  Mike Simpson, president of MDC Systems & Services, Inc, commented on the acquisition “XLDent is in the best position to meet the needs of our clients over the long term. We are confident this partnership will create exciting new opportunities for all those involved.”

Since 1971, XLDent has been of service to the dental community.  Their flagship practice management system, XLDent, provides dental offices with an intuitive, robust suite of tools built to optimize the clinic’s performance. The XLDent product line has expanded over the years to include a suite of fully integrated and interactive eSolutions and imaging tools, helping clinicians and their staff to optimize their workflow and productivity.

“We are excited for the opportunity to serve DentalMate clients and to provide a migration path to the XLDent suite of products.  We are confident clients will be impressed with not only our software and integration options but our outstanding team of technology professionals.” said XLDent President, Richard Abboud.

About XLDent: 

XLDent is dedicated to providing software solutions that focus on the success of its clients and enhancing the standard of patient care for improved patient outcomes. We are committed to the continual development of electronic dental health records, mobile solutions and Internet-based options in the current development environment with emphasis on proven technologies. 

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XLDent joins the Valsoft Family

Posted June 19, 2019 by Dawn

Valsoft Logo



Valsoft Corporation Inc. (“Valsoft”), a Montreal-based company specializing in the acquisition and development of vertical market software businesses, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Professional Economics Bureau of America, Inc. (d.b.a XLDent) (“XLDent“), a leader in the dental practice management software market, based in Loretto, Minnesota.

Since 1971, XLDent has been supporting thousands of loyal customers across the United States. Their flagship practice management system provides dental offices with an intuitive, robust suite of tools built to optimize the clinic’s performance. The XLDent product line has expanded over the years to include a suite of fully integrated and interactive eSolutions and imaging tools, helping clinicians and their staff to optimize their workflow and productivity.

Dawn and Eugene Christodoulou are extremely proud of the company they, along with their employees, have built, and are optimistic about the company’s future.

“As a company specializing in vertical software, Valsoft not only ensures that our focus in the dental software space will be maintained but provides the opportunity to collaborate across verticals to build and improve the XLDent suite. We are extremely excited about the possibilities! This joining of talents offers incredible growth potential for the product, the company and our team,” said Dawn Christodoulou.

Dawn and Eugene will ensure a smooth transition, confirming the combined XLDent and Valsoft team can pursue their mission to grow the business and advance its technology. The company will continue to develop and support their XLDent practice management system, as well as all other products and services, providing a robust software solution to customers.

“We are excited to enter the dental vertical with a family business built on a solid foundation and dedication to its customers, employees and community. We welcome XLDent’s customers, employees and partners into the Valsoft family, and look forward to the next steps of this important journey,” said Stephane Manos, head of M&A and co-founder of Valsoft. “We will do our utmost to ensure that the Christodoulous’ legacy thrives and that customers continue to benefit from world class products and support.”

About XLDent:

XLDent is dedicated to providing software solutions that focus on the success of its clients and enhancing the standard of patient care for improved patient outcomes. We are committed to the continual development of electronic dental health records, mobile solutions and Internet-based options in the current development environment with emphasis on proven technologies.

About Valsoft Corporation:

Valsoft Corporation acquires and develops vertical market software companies, helping each business to deliver the best mission-critical solutions for customers in their respective industry or niche.

A key tenet of Valsoft’s philosophy is to invest in well-established businesses and foster an entrepreneurial environment that molds a company into a leader in its respective industry. Unlike Private Equity and VC firms, Valsoft does not have a pre-defined investment horizon and looks to buy, hold, and create value through long-term partnerships with existing management.

Valsoft Corporation was represented internally by David Felicissimo, General Counsel and Pamela Romero, Paralegal. BCMS Capital Advisors LLC acted as the exclusive financial advisor to XLDent on this transaction. XLDent was represented by Amy Moss of Chamberlain Hrdlicka.

For more information about the companies, please visit and

Media relations:
Leeja Murphy, Agence Pink 514-213-0045

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How Are You Celebrating World Backup Day?

Posted March 27, 2019 by Nathan N.

Dental_Software_XLDent_XLBackupSunday, March 31st, is World Backup Day. It may not be as exciting as something like National Cheesecake Day, but it does serve as a good reminder to set aside time to go over your backup procedure and disaster recovery plan. Here are some good questions to ask yourself.


This is the most important question. The answer should be a strong, confident YES. If it isn’t, I urge you to find a solution ASAP. Trust me, you do not want to be a victim of major data loss!


Who is in charge of running the backups? What software program, if any, is running the backups? Where is it installed? When and how often do the backups run? Where does the backup go? Flash drive, external hard drive, network storage appliance, offsite to the cloud? Are the backups only on one device or is there redundancy? Is there a time period in which data expires from the backup? If a file got deleted several months ago, would I be able to restore it from a backup? Are the backups encrypted? What is the process for restoring data from the backup?


Is everything important getting backed up? The obvious things are your practice management software database and patient x-rays, but there are other important things than can get overlooked. Do I use a software program for accounting and financials, and is that data getting backed up? Do I use Outlook to receive and view e-mails? Are e-mails stored on the mail server or do they get saved locally to the computer? Are important documents getting backup? Where are they stored; on a front desk or office computer? Or are they on the server and shared to the other computers in the office? It is a good idea to make a list of all your crucial data and where it is located so that you can ensure it’s backed up and protected.


How do I know everything I need backed up is getting backed up? Are the backups running every day? How do I know the backup data is good? How do I know it can be restored in a disaster recovery situation? Make certain that your backup is reliable by conducting periodic audits of your backups to make sure everything you need backed up is getting backed up, the backed-up data isn’t bad or corrupt, and the restore process is functional.


While this may feel like an overwhelming, hair-pulling topic, it doesn’t have to be! With the help of a trusted solution like XLBackup, each of the above questions is answered. You’ll have peace-of-mind knowing you’ve done your part, and we’ve done ours. From secure encrypted data transmission to an offsite location, daily monitoring to ensure your backups are running without error, annual audits of your backups, to restoring your data in a disaster recovery situation, we take care of it.

As you work on this list of questions, if any remain unanswered or have left you feeling uncertain, contact us for more information about the XLBackup Offsite Storage Solution.

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Planning for a Successful 2019

Posted December 31, 2018 by Natalie L.

2018 to 2019Committing to new goals is part of the yearly tradition of New Year’s resolutions, and just as we all spend time deliberating which ideas can make the most positive changes, our practices deserve the same consideration. Setting up for a brand-new year means looking back and digging into the details to decipher what the trends tell you about your successes and where you missed the mark.

Start by taking a look at your monthly production and collection totals, all the way back to the beginning of the year. What would you like to change about those numbers? What is the timeline you have in mind? Which team members can help achieve the changes necessary to work toward these goals? And of course, what limitations might be foreseeable once the practice sets off in this new direction?

Is your office regularly tracking treatment acceptance rates? Does your team need to fine tune their presentation skills when speaking with patients? In XLDent, reports showing the number of large cases that were entirely completed are available at the click of a button.

Hygiene recall, that daunting list no one likes to work on, is a significant factor in keeping a practice busy from week to week and month to month. Examining the delinquent recall closely, including the number of patients pre-appointing for their next visit, points to overall patient satisfaction and how well the clinical staff communicates.

Morning huddles can be facilitated with the KPI Dashboard giving a snapshot of the health of your practice. Since this dashboard automatically updates in real-time, there is no need for one person to put together an agenda and print out a lot of reports for review and discussion.

Thinking about the coming new year is a good time to review the computer technology you already have in place. How old is the hardware in the office? Is your software meeting all your needs? Perhaps there are updates to both that need to be implemented to maintain system security. Is your practice planning to add another location this year? XLDent can help delve into your questions, sharing best practices that save time, while increasing production and collections.

There are always updates and features that your staff could be using and with the help of onsite or web training, everyone in the office can get on the same page and make daily tasks simpler and more accurate. Training is time well spent and will give your clinical and administrative team the traction they need for a good start. All staff members, including your newest ones this year, will benefit from the extensive online library of webinars XLDent offers. These are available to all practices as part of the XLDent Software Assurance Plan.

It’s always an exciting time as we say goodbye to one year and look forward to the next. Start your practice off with a few specific goals and you’ll set the pace for a prosperous 2019! Happy New Year!

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Fall Clean-up: What to do when the kids go back to school

Posted October 8, 2018 by Angela S.

It’s that time of the year again… Back to School! Parents are trying to get kids out of bed and on the bus, fall sports replace beach fun, and teachers are back in full swing. After a busy summer, you may start to experience more down time during the back to school craze, but don’t worry – there are many ways for you to keep your practice busy. Here are 3 ideas to remain productive:pending list dragged tplan

1. Review your treatment plans! Now is a great time to go through treatment plans that were created this year and get them scheduled. Your patients may have simply forgotten about them. A quick call, or email, reminding them to schedule that treatment may be just what they need. Don’t let that revenue, and top-notch customer care, fall through the cracks. XLDent makes it easy to see all your treatment plans within the software and easily drag-and-drop planned treatments right into the appointment book as they schedule.

2. Utilize the XLDent data and KPI Dashboard. There are several ways for you to understand your practice even better. While it may seem overwhelming to review reports when the schedule is full, slower periods are a great time to analyze key metrics which can assist in improving your practice’s numbers. You can determine anything from how much new patients spend on average, types of services being performed, and who has outstanding balances, in order to boost your business. KPI-Dashboard2And our KPI Dashboard service takes those reports one step further! With a real-time view of Key Performance Indicators, the KPI Dashboard can be accessed from any computer, smartphone, or tablet with internet access to give you an overall or detailed look at your practice health.

3. Training, Training, Training! Take this time to boost your skills and take advantage of the plethora of XLDent software webinars. From appointment scheduler, to patient communication, core business systems and clinical charting, webinars can be as short as just a few minutes to longer, more in-depth ones. There are topics, tips, and features for everyone in the practice! The more your staff knows, the better your practice will run overall. We are also here to help. If you have area’s in your workflow that need a little TLC, our expertise is practice management. Contact us for additional training, which can be in your office or on-line.

We understand that every business will experience slow times and the team at XLDent is here to assist. If you want to review any of the topics covered above, don’t hesitate to call our support team to get additional information. Don’t let the fall season get you down. Instead, take charge and get those items taken care of that will benefit your practice in the long run.

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