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Posted August 22, 2018 by Angela S.

The main goal in a dental practice is to deliver the best care possible, while also being productive. Sadly, many practices are dealing with low patient retention rates, holes in their schedule due to last-minute cancellations or no shows, and treatment plans falling through the cracks. Every year broken appointments result in costing your practice thousands of dollars in lost revenue, and that’s not including potential money your practice could have made on treatments you were not able to diagnose! Creating a successful, thriving business needs to include a strong, consistent patient communication system. Investing in a system that will help reduce broken appointments, increase patient retention, acquire new patients, and relieve the practice of undesirable frustration that comes with gaps in the schedule, will be well worth the cost.

LHP_homepage_desktopLighthouse 360 is the all-in-one automated patient communication system specifically designed to help your dental practice increase office efficiency, practice production, and patient satisfaction. For a reasonable monthly fee, your practice will receive unlimited calls, emails and text messages, family messaging, 10-minute true time data, perfect recall system, and daily task reports. One of the biggest advantages of using Lighthouse, is that it will save your office staff a substantial amount of time, which they can use to increase patient satisfaction and overall increase profitability. Imagine hiring a person for $2.00 an hour to completely handle confirming patients, scheduling treatment plans, sending out reminders, and managing online reviews. That is exactly what Lighthouse 360 can do for you!

Throughout the month of August, XLDent is offering an incredible promotion when you sign up. Give us a call to set up a free demo to show you how easy Lighthouse is to use. Together, we can help increase productivity and profitability in your practice, so you can offer exceptional care to each one of your patients.


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