Mission to Serve

Posted November 15, 2016 by Danielle H

Dr. Ross Sanford brings dental care to Guatemala

Tell us about your background before going to Guatemala.

I am a general Dentist, graduating from the University of Louisville in 1980 with a DMD degree. I moved immediately to Las Vegas after passing the board before school was officially “out”. I associated with a dentist for 3 ½ years before opening my own practice in December 1984. I have practiced solo for my whole career. For the first 27 years I was in a space sharing arrangement with another dentist that I met while taking the Nevada Board exam. We built our first office in 1984 and quickly outgrew that facility. In 1994 we moved into our “Taj Mahal” in Las Vegas where we continued in the same arrangement for another 12 years. I sold my practice in Las Vegas in 2006 and moved to Alaska for one year of “R and R”. I obtained a license in Alaska and practiced as an associate there while playing in Alaska. We made a lot of money and spent all of it on playing in Alaska; fishing, hunting bear and moose, helping with the Iditarod Dog Sled Race and many other things. We moved back to Vegas in 2007 to find that the recent law change had destroyed the clinical practice of dentistry in Nevada, so we moved to Oregon. I established a new practice in December 2008; just about the worst time possible to start a new business, but with a lot of effort and care on my part it grew and we flourished. In 2015, I sold that practice to a younger man and my wife and I applied to serve as missionaries for the LDS Church. We were asked to be Dental Specialists assigned to the (only-one-of-its-kind in the world) Guatemala dental clinic.

What kind of work are you doing there?

2-dentist-mission-to-serveOur work here in Guatemala is focused on serving several populations: 500 orphaned boys and girls of the Tio Juan/Mi Casa organization, a municipal school serving about 800 “would be” street kids, La Esperanza which serves about 500 children, and current and future missionaries up to about 300 miles around Guatemala City.

We (there are two dentists here in our clinic) provide general dental services of the most basic nature; including cleaning, basic restorative dentistry, minor periodontal services, endodontic services and extraction of teeth. All services are provided at no cost to any patient. We, as doctors, are not paid at all. We pay our own way (airfare, living expenses, auto expense, food, etc.). We depend on donations for our sustenance of dental supplies in the clinic. Additionally, everything we are used to hiring for; cleaning, repairs and maintenance of dental equipment, and ordering supplies, is all done by us. The good thing is that we don’t have to worry about money!! We don’t charge anything for our services and therefore don’t have to worry about collections. It is amazing how fulfilling dentistry can be when money is removed from the equation!

Share with us what a typical day looks like.

We arrive about 8:30 and setup the clinic. That means getting out all the valuable stuff that we keep locked away at little-girl-mission-to-servenight (laptop computers, Nomad X-Ray machine, operating loupes, etc.), turning on the computers and getting the network up and running, and setting up our operatories. We have a short devotional every day before beginning. Patients arrive about 9 and we start to work. Lunch is from 11:30 to 1:00, then in the afternoon we do the same thing. When we are done, we take down the clinic and put everything away, lock up and go home. We work Monday to Thursday on this schedule. We take off Fridays like most U.S. dentists. Our treatments can be anything from a routine prophylaxis to horizontally impacted third molars. We do not use any sedation; only local anesthetics when required. One challenge is…Read the full story

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How Does Your Dental Practice Reach Millennials?

Posted July 20, 2016 by Danielle H

Attracting Millennials, Dental Software, Dental Website, Social Media, XLDentIs your dental practice attractive to the tech-savvy millennials? Businesses in many industries are updating their marketing efforts to accommodate the web driven preferences of our youngest generation. An effective social media and web presence can help you connect and maintain lasting relationships. Here are four key areas to focus on.

Social Media

Millennials (along with other audiences) spend endless hours on their social media platforms. As they scroll through their Facebook feed or browse their Twitter account grab their attention with creative graphics, original blogs posts or personable office updates.

Keep the content fun and casual. Endless content and lack of imagery will get lost in the crowd, think outside the box and have fun with it!


Millennials are very tech savvy and are fond of the latest and greatest. Lack thereof can leave them uninterested. Make sure your dental practice’s website features high-quality photos, clear and concise content and responsive design to accommodate tablets and smartphones. Video is an added bonus! Don’t stop there, add highly-targeted search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure your practice ranks highly in Google and other search engines.

Online Reviews

Nothing will give a millennial more confidence in your dental practice than numerous favorable reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp. Encourage your patients to write you a review and respond to each one to show your gratitude. Receive a poor review? Be sure to respond to those as well. This shows you take pride in your customer’s satisfaction and will go the extra mile.


Millennials like to take care of business on the go. From online scheduling and bill payments to email promotions and appointment reminders, the youngest generation envisions a world where everything can be performed from the convenience of their phones. Added bonus: offer free Wi-Fi in your dental office lobby.

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2015 Wisconsin InSession Dental Meeting

Posted October 15, 2015 by Duane A

XLDent is exhibiting at the 2015 Wisconsin InSession Dental Meeting in Madison, WI at the Monona Terrace. Many doctors are stopping by to see the ease of use of our Electronic Dental Record. We offer software solutions to increase their efficiency in a mobile wireless environment, as they find it to be much easier to use with far more efficient workflows than anything else on the market. We are excited to have both existing customers and new prospects that are stopping by see the immediate benefits of XLDent’s tablet technology, software and integrated services.

One of our new integrated services, Lighthouse 360, is a hot topic and a great service to increase office efficiency and maximize your productivity.

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Camp Smile Opens A New Office Using XLDent & Mobile Tablets

Posted April 2, 2015 by Andre M

Camp Smile Pediatric Dentistry opens a new office using the XLDent Dental Practice Management system and mobile tablets.

Camp Smile, located in Excelsior, hosted an open house last night to mark their grand opening.  It was a huge success! Many young families as well as fellow colleagues attended the opening.  Dr. Raether and Dr. Augustyn opened their original Plymouth location with XLDent in 2005.  Now they are the proud owners of this new pediatric practice in Excelsior, with Dr. Colin Maguire coming on board this June.  It was a real pleasure to see how they incorporated XLDent’s Electronic Dental Record system and mobile tablet technology in this beautifully designed office.  Using XLDent and tablets they were able to maximize the kid-friendly appeal – it’s all about kids!

Congratulations to everyone at Camp Smile from everyone at XLDent!  We are honored that you’ve selected XLDent as your Dental Practice Management and Clinical Records system.

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