Star of the North Meeting

Posted April 28, 2016 by Duane A

Don’t miss out on XLDent’s presentation and tablet giveaway at the 2016 Star of the North Meeting this week! Hosted by the Minnesota Dental Association at the Saint Paul RiverCentre, the 133rd annual Star of the North Meeting will take place from Thursday, April 28 to Saturday, April 30.

2016 Star of the North Meeting, XLDent Dental Software

Join us at the Exhibitor Pitch Lounge on Friday, April 29 at noon for our educational presentation “10 Reasons You Need a Tablet PC in Your Dental Practice.” Also, be sure to swing by the exhibit floor and stop by booth #323 to say hi and enter our contest for a chance to win a free Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet. We can tell you all about the mobile and tablet friendly features of our software–how cool is that?


About the Star of the North Meeting

The premier state dental meeting in the Upper Midwest, the 2016 Star of the North Meeting is open to dentists, residents, students, therapists, assistants, hygienists, office staff, lab technicians and the guests of dental professionals. With over 80 continuing education seminars and an exhibit floor of over 250 innovative companies, the Star of the North Meeting provides current clinical and practice management information to the dental community. Over 8,500 dental professionals attended last year’s meeting and they are expecting another big crowd this year!

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5 Ways to Kickstart Your Recare System

Posted April 5, 2016 by Danielle H

Dental Office Recare System, XLDent, National Oral Health MonthNot everyone is eager to visit their dental hygienist for check-ups every six months. With an average attrition rate of at least 12%, one of the biggest challenges that practices face is keeping patients on track with their Recare. Continuing Care is important to a patient’s overall health and can greatly reduce complex treatment needs down the road. With April being National Oral Health Month, there’s no better time to improve your Recare system.

1. Preschedule, Preschedule, Preschedule

Position your hygienist as THE expert in Recare and empower him or her to schedule the patient’s next visit chairside. To increase the hygienist’s success in scheduling, ensure the proper script/language is being used. Your hygienist should guide a patient to a specific time on the schedule rather than simply asking if the patient wants to make another appointment. Patient acceptance will increase when this technique is used.

2.  Develop a Consistent Communication Schedule

Establish a communication schedule that patients can count on! For patients with a Recare due date that is fast-approaching, scheduled communications should begin 3-4 weeks in advance. Your communication should be with patients already scheduled for hygiene, not yet scheduled, and those overdue.   We suggest using emails, text messages, phone calls, postcards and letters. By using a combination of patient contacts, over a longer period of time, you greatly increase the likelihood of getting them in the door!

3.  Automate as Much as Possible

Decrease the burden on your front office by establishing an effective automation system. Keeping up with the daily emails, postcards and text messages are tasks that cannot go undone. In today’s busy dental practices, automation of these tasks is an essential part of keeping profitability and patient satisfaction going up.  Appointment reminders should run automatically on a schedule you determine works best and confirmations should easily be recognized on the book. XLDent partners with Lighthouse 360 to automate patient communications, making managing your Recare system a breeze!

4.  Patient Education is Key

When patients have a better understanding of all that a Recare visit entails, they are much more likely to follow through with these routine visits. As a clinician, educating is a large part of each visit. Start by explaining why and how Perio health is measured. Using your Perio Chart, review exam results with the patient. Compare Perio Exams to show progress. Focusing on areas of improvement will boost patient confidence and give weight to areas of concern. Offer to email the patient a copy of their exam along with instructions for home care.

5.  Create a Culture that Promotes Continuing Care

The responsibility of Recare doesn’t lie only on the shoulders of your front office team. All team members should be comfortable reviewing Recare information in XLDent and be active in encouraging Continuing Care. Ensure that your team uses common language and scripting to describe your Recare system. Avoid using words like Recall, Cleaning, and Checkup to describe Hygiene visits. These words can minimize the value of the Hygiene visit in the patient’s mind.

Your Recare system not only serves to improve your patients’ oral health, but also benefits your practice’s bottom line. Want to kickstart your Recare system with XLDent? Check out more at

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2016 World Backup Day

Posted March 29, 2016 by Kevin K

Ah yes, March 31st, the day in which we are reminded of the inevitable truth about our technologically advanced lives, and with advances in technology continuing to grow, business only moves further into the digital format.World-Back-Up-Day

Approximately 83% of people now own computers and are working in digital formats; and over 60 million of those computers will fail this year alone. With only 1/4 of those people consistently backing up their information, 58% of people will lose valuable information forever. What if you were one of those people? What if that information, that is gone in a split second ran your dental practice?

It is important to remember that data loss doesn’t only happen with component failure. Your most up-to-date, well-performing, top-of the line systems can still be stolen, have information deleted or incur damage during a fire, etc.

Take the extra time this year to ensure the security of your electronic dental records and products. With XLBackup, an audit service system is built into your off-site, data protection plan; enabling your organization to quickly restore lost files, images and critical data to get your office back up and running in a disaster recovery situation.

So as World Backup Day approaches, don’t be an April fool, be prepared and backup your dental records and set aside time to review backups and current backup procedures.

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4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Dental Office!

Posted March 22, 2016 by Jennifer G

flower near window office building

March is upon us and it’s officially spring! With pleasant temperatures and sunny skies just around the bend, now is the perfect time for “out with the old and in with the new.”

Spruce up that dental office this spring! From your reception area to treatment rooms, there are plenty of ways to turn sterile environments into places of cheer and comfort. Take advantage of these four simple tips to reinvent your office space that’s both pleasing to your patients and staff.


1. Set the Mood with a Splash of Color.

Fun and colorful walls, artwork, waiting room furniture and even friendly colored dental products can ease your patients’ anxiety and calm their nerves. Boring walls and a drab reception area are no fun for anyone. Warm, neutral and inviting colors should do the trick! Try using something from a local artist or scenery specific to your community.

2. Soothing Background Music is Essential.

Catchy tunes can help your patients relax and make the workplace more enjoyable for your staff. Soothing music releases mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain and contributes to the overall environment. Don’t crank the volume too high – choose music that doesn’t distract from conversations taking place between you and your patients.

3. Patient Amenities Add a Personal Touch.

Show your patients that you care about their well-being with a well-stocked reception room. Include basic features such as a coat rack, hand sanitizer, tissues, a TV and a large selection of magazines to make your patients comfortable as they wait. The smell of warm cookies will make your office feel like home. Keep younger patients entertained with an awesome fish tank or monthly coloring contests. A bathroom furnished with warm hand towels and basic toiletries also adds a nice touch.

4. Decorate for Holidays.

Get into the spirit by decking out your office for the holidays and the seasons, too! From your windows to the front desk and treatment areas, celebrate the season with fun and festive decorations. Nothing gives off the vibe of spring more than a fresh bouquet of flowers or the greenery from a new (should we stress living?) plant. The littlest things can have the biggest impact on how your clients feel when they walk through your doors.

Have any tips to add? Let us know how you keep things fun at your dental office!

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2016 Chicago Midwinter Meeting Recap

Posted February 29, 2016 by Danielle H

The 151st Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting wrapped up on Saturday, Feb 27th. This year’s festivities did not disappoint! Attendees took advantage of best-in-class education offerings, the chance to connect with colleagues and some pretty awesome nightlife, too! Did you see Navi perform?!Chicago Midwinter 2016 Booth

XLDent enjoyed participating in Working Group 11.1 on Standard Clinical Data Architecture and attending the Oral Health America Gala. Hello Mardi Gras!

Above all, we appreciated the time spent with XLDent users and friends. Thank you to those who stopped by to learn about how the XLDent Practice Management Suite is transforming the electronic dental record and improving patient experiences.

Cheers to 2016, we can’t wait for next year!

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