Introducing XLDent’s New Website!

Posted January 21, 2016 by Dawn

Featuring responsive design and interactive content, XLDent’s brand new website layout is seamless on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops of any screen size, making for a customized user experience.

High-Tech Dental Practice Management Software

From dental products and eSolutions to hardware, training and support, our beautiful new website is easy to navigate and is stocked with high-quality content, graphics and images that showcase our dental practice management software. You can also stay up to date on our blog with dental industry topics, company news and tidbits on conferences and events we attend across the country.

We are also excited to announce the recent launch of our official social media channels! With XLDent Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, YouTube and LinkedIn accounts, follow us on your favorite platform for fun and educational updates.

While we are thrilled with our online developments, XLDent’s mission to enhance the standard of patient care for improved patient outcomes remains the same. With a focus in the areas of customizable workflow, efficient mobile solutions, patient/doctor experience, increased profitability, seamless integration and training/staff education, our products include:

XLDent also offers a host of eSolutions to improve the efficiency and reliability of dental professionals throughout the country. We invite you to check out our website and be sure to subscribe to our blog to learn how new and established dentists are maximizing profitability with our practice management software!

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Iowa Doctor Takes Advantage of Our E-Prescribing Software!

Posted January 11, 2016 by Duane A

The day of handwritten prescriptions and the problems associated with ordering prescriptions for patients have been simplified. With the e-Prescribing software by XLDent, Dr. John Clay at Clay and Associates, DDS, PLC will prescribe medications electronically directly to the pharmacy for the patient.

Sending electronic prescriptions is controlled directly from the patient’s records. This method is a cleaner and more efficient way by reducing potential errors and the need for pharmacists to verify details. The prescription history is viewable by medical and dental staff which also reduces drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions. The software provides specific information at the point of prescribing, such as vasoconstrictor/local anesthetic precautions and effects on bleeding.

The service assists in reducing healthcare costs by selecting medication that are preferred by the patient’s health plan. It will also verify patient medication history and view up to a year’s worth of prescribed medications in one click. This provides a comfort level for the dentist in knowing what other physicians have prescribed for the patient to improve treatment outcomes.

John Daniel, Jr., Pharmacist with Daniel Pharmacy states, “We are looking forward to electronic prescriptions, including controlled substances from Dr. John Clay because it can reduce fraud, abuse, improve safety and convenience for patients. This includes all schedules of controlled drugs (C-II through C-IV). Unfortunately, many doctors and pharmacists are not aware that EPCS (Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances) is legal in all 50 states and that it is a very secure way of sending prescriptions to pharmacies due to requiring a two-factor authentication. In order for a prescriber to be able to send controlled substance prescriptions to a pharmacy, their electronic medical record software must be certified, audited and enabled for EPCS, achieve required ID proofing, and secure their two-factor authentication credential. We are currently receiving electronic prescriptions which has been very efficient.”

In 2010, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) published its interim final rule which gave practitioners the option of writing prescriptions for controlled substances electronically as well as allowing pharmacists to receive, dispense and achieve electronic prescriptions.

Having issues with handwritten prescriptions? Take advantage of XLDent’s E-Prescribing software to stay ahead of the curve!

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2015 Greater New York Dental Meeting

Posted November 30, 2015 by Duane A

XLDent is at the 91st Annual Greater New York Dental Meeting being held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, one of the largest Dental Congresses in the world!  GNYDM has planned an unparalleled educational program for 2015, featuring some of the most highly regarded educators in the field of Dentistry.  XLDent is exhibiting with our partner DC Dental in Booth #5200 and demonstrating how our Electronic Dental Record can streamline workflows and help practitioners to improve patient experiences.

We are excited to share the XLDent Suite of products and our uniquely mobile, wireless Tablet PC offering with the tens of thousands of dentists and staff.  It’s also been wonderful soaking in the New York City experience.  Stop by to check out our Dental Practice Management Software and integrated mobile technology!

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SCDI 2015 Meetings in Washington, DC

Posted November 4, 2015 by Dawn

ADA Standards Committee on Dental Informatics held its Plenary meeting at the Marriott Marquis hotel in Washington DC.  As usual, there were many items on the agenda which included an update from all of the SCDI working groups that met earlier in the week.

XLDent participates in the Subcommittee on Clinical Informatics chaired by Dr. Mark Diehl.  This Subcommittee focuses on data infrastructure, clinical records, and clinical applications for dental practice.  It includes seven working groups and 13 standards and technical reports.  More specifically, XLDent participates in WG 11.1 Standard Clinical Data Architecture, which is up for reaffirmation next year, and WG 11.9 Core Reference Data which was recently created last year for the purpose of establishing a core set of reference data for the Electronic Dental Record.  Working Group 11.1 resolved to table further work on Technical Report 1080, the Implementation Guide for TR 1067, until WG 11.9 can complete work on the core set of reference data.   To put this in understandable terms, we need to establish an agreed upon list of clinical data elements that providers can electronically pass between each other before we can work on the Implementation Guide for the Electronic Dental Record.

Working Group 11.1 will now be focusing its attention on TR 1099, Cloud Computing and Data Storage:  Implications and Recommendations for Dental Practice.  XLDent commented on the first draft of this paper during the meeting and was asked to further review and make edits by Dr. Mark Diehl in the coming months.

Following our meetings here at the ADA in Washington DC, XLDent will be inviting Dr. Amit Acharya, chair of WG 11.9, to our corporate location in Loretto, MN, for the purpose of making some significant progress on the Core Set of Reference Data (TR1084.)

Moving into Thursday and Friday, the ADA will present two CE Courses during the 2015 Annual Session.  The first course is entitled Exchanging Digital Images and EHR Data for Patient Treatment.  This is the course XLDent is participating in again this year.  Dr. Gregory Zeller is the presenter and other participants include Dr. Brent Dove, Sirona, XDR Radiology, Medicor, and Data Motion.  The second ADA sponsored course is entitled The Art and Science of Forensic Odontology – Looking Into The Future and will be presented by Dr. Ken Aschheim, Dr. Robert Barsley, Dr. Lawrence Dobrin, and Dr. Raymond Miller.

Our very own Stacey Steinbach will be demonstrating the secure transfer of EDR records and DICOM images via the XLDent Software at the Secure Exchange course in four separate sessions.  I’m on my way to meet up with her in the Exhibit Hall now to run through a practice run before tomorrow.

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2015 Academy of Dental Management Consultants Meeting

Posted November 3, 2015 by Andre M

Having fun in Washington, DC…check out my photo!

The ADMC meeting here in Washington DC is one of many meetings that XLDent will be attending as part of the ADA Annual Session. This year the ADMC is putting on two full day meetings.  This meeting gives us the opportunity to listen to many of the best dental consultants around the world so we can keep XLDent on the cutting edge.

XLDent continues to get positive feedback on our electronic dental record and our wireless tablet PC advancements.  They are also impressed with the paperless environment XLDent offers, creating a much better clinical work flow than most of the competition.

The featured speaker this morning is Nancy Butler on taking control of your business.  Nancy has written many best sellers and is a motivational speaker and business coach. Tomorrow’s presenter will be David Cohen on Legal Matters Related to You and Your Clients.

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